Meet David Carlucci

Congressional Candidate, Democrat Senator David Carlucci has a track record of delivering results and the experience needed to hit the ground running to take over for Congresswoman Nita Lowey in New York’s 17th congressional  district. Carlucci currently serves residents in parts of Rockland and Westchester Counties in the New York State Senate, all of whom live in the 17th district. He was elected to the Senate in 2010.

While in office, Carlucci passed the most legislation signed into law in 2019 and has had more than 130 bills signed into law since taking office.  Last year, he championed equal pay legislation to help close the gender wage gap by banning the salary history question. He passed a nation-leading law to protect veterans’ pensions and a law to make it easier for survivors of domestic abuse to report a crime. Carlucci has supported tax breaks for the middle class, seniors, and veterans, while supporting record investments in school funding.

Carlucci co-sponsored the most comprehensive legislation to combat climate change, setting New York on a path towards the most aggressive clean energy target in the nation. He sponsored legislation to known as the Green 

Amendment, which guarantees New Yorkers the right to clean air and water in the State’s Constitution. He has helped to pass the strongest gun laws in the country, including the SAFE Act, which requires universal background checks and bans assault style weapons and high capacity magazines. He has also stood up to protect women’s rights. He voted for an helped pass the Reproductive Health Act, Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act, and the Boss Bill. He championed paid family leave and a $15 minimum wage. 

Senator Carlucci was appointed by Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins to serve as Chairman of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee. In this role, he passed legislation to establish task forces to address youth suicide among the Latino, Black, and LGBTQ communities and passed the NY ABLE Act into law, a program, designed to help individuals with disabilities maintain their independence and quality of life by allowing them to open a tax-exempt savings account.  

Senator Carlucci is a Co-Chair of the New York State’s Overdose and Addiction Task Force and passed a law making Naloxone available over the counter at pharmacies. In this role, 


he has called for legal action against Opioid makers and worked to combat substance misuse and protect New York communities from opioid addiction. Before serving in the State Legislature, Senator Carlucci was elected as Town Clerk in Clarkstown in 2005. In this role he made government more efficient and accessible by digitizing the county’s records and staggering the hours of operation. Prior, he worked in Congressman Eliot Engel’s office, and earlier he served as a financial planner for American Express. Carlucci graduated from Cornell University in 2002 and attended Clarkstown High School North in New City. Senator Carlucci grew up in New City, and currently resides there with his wife and two children.  

On the Issues

Tax Reform Justice 

COVID-19 has left hardworking middle-class families in Rockland and Westchester Counties looking for financial relief as record unemployment is the worst we have seen since the Great Depression, which is why Senator Carlucci introduced immediate legislation to delay quarterly property taxes for homeowners and small businesses through December 31, 2020. He also led the call to help stabilize the small business community by delaying the quarterly sales tax payments without penalty.

Senator Carlucci has a proven track record on delivering tax reform, voting for middle class tax cuts, delivering for veterans a statewide property tax exemption, and sponsoring legislation, providing a work around to President’s disastrous cap on the SALT deduction, until the IRS rejected such proposals. With Rockland and Westchester paying some of the highest property taxes in the nation, Senator Carlucci is focused on comprehensive tax reform. 

David’s Plan:

  • Repeal SALT – Prior to Trump’s new tax law, federal tax filings showed 45% of taxpayers in NY-17 used SALT to deduct an average of $26,243. Carlucci will repeal Trump’s disastrous $10,000 cap on the SALT deduction.
  • Home Office Deduction – Amended the tax law to allow W-2 employees who are working from home as a result of COVID-19 to deduct unreimbursed employee expenses.
  • Income Tax Reform – Work toward closing the wealth gap by increasing the income tax on the wealthiest earners, while at the same time lowering taxes for individuals in lower income brackets.
  • The Ultra-Millionaire/ Billionaires Tax – A 2% annual tax on household net worth between $50 million and $1 billion, and a 6% annual tax on household net worth above $1 billion. The 2% annual tax alone can bring in almost $4 trillion to rebuild our middle class.
  • Middle Class Capital Gains Elimination – Eliminate capital gains taxes in their entirety for those earning up to $99,000 a year – those who qualified for federal COVID-19 stimulus checks.
  • Real Corporate Profits Tax – A new surtax on American companies who report more than $100 million in profit – with no loopholes or exemptions to ensure companies cannot make billions and pay zero taxes again.
  • Presidential Tax Returns – Require Presidents and presidential candidates to release their tax returns to ensure crimes have not been committed.
  • Data Dividend – Levy a small tax on gross income on every company that derives income from an American’s personal data and issue a data dividend check to all taxpayers on a yearly basis.
  • New Federal Tax Deductions – For daycare expenses, college tuition, and tolls that drivers pay on highways.
Congressman Carlucci will help pass the Green New Deal so we can hold the line on climate change and preserve our planet for generations to come.

Congressman Carlucci believes health care is a human right. Every American should have the peace of mind of knowing that they have access to quality affordable health care in this country. However, we know this is sadly not the reality. 

Congressman Carlucci supports the Affordable Care Act, which helped more than 100 million people get health insurance.  It also ensured that people with pre-existing conditions are not denied coverage or charged higher premiums. It ended insurance companies from setting annual or lifetime limits on coverage, and it guaranteed young people could stay on their parent’s insurance plans until age 26. Right now, the Affordable Care Act is under attack by Republicans. Carlucci pledges to defend the Affordable Care Act and improve it, while creating a public Medicare option. This way people who like their doctors can keep their doctors, and for people who want a better choice, they should have the right to choose one. Carlucci’s plan is all about personal choice, and here is how it will work:

Everyone will be able to opt in to an affordable, comprehensive public alternative. This affordable public plan will incentivize private insurers to compete on price and bring down costs. If private insurers are not able to offer something dramatically better, this public plan will create an avenue to Medicare for All. The choice of a public plan allows people to make their own decisions regarding the type of health care that makes sense for them and their families by leveling the playing field between patients and the health care system. This plan trusts people to make these decisions – not a government mandate. 

Congressman Carlucci will fight for common-sense gun laws to prevent senseless gun violence, which is ravaging communities across the nation. Carlucci will work to pass legislation to require universal background checks and ban assault-style weapons, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks. Carlucci has passed all of these reforms into law in New York State.

Carlucci will also fight to protect domestic violence victims as he did in New York by banning all firearms from a spouse convicted of a domestic violence offense. Further, Congressman Carlucci will fully support a Federal Red Flag law, allowing law enforcement, a doctor, or a loved one to petition a court to remove weapons from an individual deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Congressman Carlucci will work to increase Title I funding to eliminate funding gaps in our schools and ensure that teachers are paid competitively, three and four-year-olds have access to pre-school and districts provide access to rigorous coursework across all schools.

Congressman Carlucci will fight to increase the number of psychologists, guidance counselors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals employed in our schools so that teachers who are filling in the gap can focus on teaching and our children get the help they need and deserve.

Congressman Carlucci will pursue humane immigration policies to secure our border and enforce our laws. The photo of the father and 2-year-old daughter washed up at the shore of the Rio Grande in Mexico should haunt us all. People are fleeing from their homes out of collective desperation for a better life. Congressman Carlucci knows are immigration system is broken and not humane.

Carlucci will stand up against President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy of holding people in cages and separating children from their parents at the border. No child should die in an immigration detention center, and no child with parents should be surrendered into the foster care system. Carlucci will fight to end separations of families at the border by repealing section 1325 of the of Immigration and Nationality Act. This section of the law criminalizes crossing the border, when this should be a civil violation. Carlucci will also support measures to eliminate detention centers who are profiting off detaining undocumented workers and children. 

Further, Carlucci supports a better pathway towards citizenship for our Dreamers and those under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure. He will defend and expand DACA, TPS, and DED protections, and pass the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program.  Spring Valley, which Carlucci has represented for the past 10 years in the New York State Senate is home to one of the largest Haitian populations in the State with more than 20% of Haitian decent. Many people in Spring Valley are TPS recipients who are contributing to our economy by working and living here legally.  As a State Senator Carlucci wrote to President Trump against ending the TPS program, as recipients are contributing $262.9 million to New York State’s GDP annually. Carlucci will continue his call and effort against ending valuable programs that offer people a path towards legal citizenship.

New York State values the contributions of immigrants and accepts people seeking asylum. Carlucci want to uphold our State’s values and strengthen our economy and humanity. 

Congressman Carlucci fully supports a woman’s right to choose her own medical care during pregnancy and will fight to uphold Roe v. Wade.

In New York, Congressman Carlucci supported and co-sponsored the Reproductive Health Act, which codified Roe v. Wade into law. This step was necessary as the Trump administration threatens to take a woman’s reproductive health rights away.  

At the federal level, Carlucci will fully support codifying Roe v. Wade through laws in Congress. However, Carlucci knows this issue is bigger, and he will fight to ensure women have access to the care they choose. Some states like Louisiana, are trying to ensure there is only one clinic within hundreds of miles for a woman to receive a safe and legal abortion, while also imposing strict waiting periods on women, which can create significant financial burdens. To combat laws like this, Carlucci will be looking into ways to require states with a history of these restrictions to get federal approval before creating these abortion laws. 

Serving Those Who Served

New York State is home to more than 800,000 veterans, and Senator David Carlucci is focused on ensuring they have the services and benefits they have earned. Carlucci championed nation-leading legislation to crack down on pension poaching to prevent thieves from targeting veterans and trying to sell them financial products that they do not need or charging them to apply for benefits from the VA that they are not qualified for.  He’s also gotten veterans a property tax exemption and supported making it easier for Gold Star families to send their children to college by offering tuition free college at SUNY and CUNY schools.

Further, Carlucci has been a leader on improving mental health services in New York State, as Chair of the NYS Senate Committee on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee. This year, despite budget setbacks, he secured $2,017,500 for the Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Program, which offers peer-to-peer counseling services to veterans who maybe suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

David’s Plan:

  • Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Program – federally fund the program through legislation so it’s available across the country and ensure there is appropriate literature and counseling available at VA hospitals and providers about the program.
  • Legislation to Ensure Adequate VA Funding – The VA needs adequate funding to hire and train mental health professionals, improve and promote access to VA services, and better integrate mental health and primary care services.
  • Jerry Donnellan VA Community Clinic – Like Congresswoman Lowey, ensure we designate the Department of Veterans Affairs community clinic in New City be named after former Rockland County Veterans Service Agency Director, Jerry Donnellan.
  • Fast Track 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline – Support the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act to make the national suicide hotline 988, similar to 911, as opposed to a 10-digit number.
    • Work with the F.C.C. to also come up with a texting component, which the Crisis Text Line, Teen Line and the Trevor Project for LGBQT youth already have.
  • Address Women Veterans Health & Mental Health Services – Support the Deborah Sampson Act to address the medical care of women veterans and create an environment that is harassment free.
  • Receive Full & Timely Benefits – Support legislation to remove obstacles veterans face in trying to receive benefits when exposed to harmful toxins from burn pits.
  • Agent Orange Exposure– Support legislation to add the number of diseases caused by Agent Orange exposure so all sick veterans can get the care they need and deserve.
  • Make DIC Benefit Equitable – Change the DIC program to a graduated benefit so a disabled veteran’s loved one can receive a benefit, as often they serve as a disabled veteran’s full-time caregiver.
  • Increase DIC Rates – Support legislation to increase DIC rates to 55% of 100 percent disability compensation and provide parity with other federal programs.
  • Veteran Deportation Prevention and Reform Act– Legislation to comprehensively ensure men and women who served our country cannot be deported if not citizens.
  • Allow More Veterans to Qualify for SNAP – Support legislation to ensure that a veteran’s Basic Allowance for Housing is not being counted against them if in need of food and trying to qualifying for the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP, formerly known as the food stamp program).
  • Basic Allowance For Housing – Fight against cuts to the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and reform the BAH so it is more equitable based on locality.


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